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We organize the biggest Gaming Tournaments & Leagues in MENA, with the highest number of  (Attendees-Viewership-Participants)

Top Notch Service

Highly Experienced Individuals Dealing with the Latest Tech Technology.

The Crowd

The Biggest Gaming Fan Base in the MENA, Connecting All Competitive & Casual Gamers.

We took the initiative 3 years ago and we founded an eSports organization with a purpose of having a better gaming scene for the Arab World.

With your help we built the eSports structure in the Middle East & North Africa, growing one by one taking big steps in the eSports scene.

Meet the Team.

What We’re Saying

“eSports in Middle East is very promising but in order to grow much bigger it will require the whole echo system to work together”

Ahmed AliMarketing Manager

“We dream of the day where we can have a middle-eastern Major as many teams are rising in the region, we are always helping and supporting players to grow and commit to their teams in any means necessary as we consider it ourresponsibility.”

Hashem AL-BornoCommunity Manager

“For a long period of time i wished for a brighter future for players & teams and for them to get what they deserve, we have many talented individuals that can compete on an international level and we are on the path of having a big and mature eSports scene in the Middle East.”

Abdul-Ghaffar MadiMultimedia Manager

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