We are Sculpting a new era

of eSports in MENA.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an eSports revolution in MENA and change the concept of competitive gaming where it’s treated as an actual sport.

Our Mission & Objectives

Raise awareness to esports in the region & to focus the light on the Gaming Industry in the MENA.

Organize high level gaming tournaments and events in the middle east.

Gather all Gamers in the region in one place through our different platforms & channels.

Providing players with the best gaming experience & environment that allows them to be seen, prepared and ready to compete on an international level.

Ahmed Abdel-Latif


Ahmed Ali

Marketing Manager

Hashem AL-Borno

Community Manager

Mahmoud Nageeb

Art Director

Abdul-Ghaffar Madi

Multimedia Manager

Youssef EL-Fakharany

Audio Producer

Why Gamers Lounge?

The Quality We Serve

“The Biggest Gaming Organization in the Middle East with the Most
Experienced Hard-Core gaming crew.”


“Highly Experienced Individuals Dealing with the Latest Tech

Tech Experts

“The Biggest Gaming Fan Base in the MENA, Connecting All Hardcore & Casual Gamers.”


“The Biggest Gaming Tournaments & Leagues in the Middle East
Respective to the Participating Players and Teams. The Biggest Gaming Events in the Middle East with the Most Number of Attendees.”

Eventsonline & offline

“Previous partnerships with the biggest IT & Hardware companies in the World.”

We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

How We Can Help You

We organize the biggest and the most successful gaming events in the Middle East, where hardcore gamers & professional Players meet face to face to compete in the presence of the biggest gaming community in the Middle East.
Our plan is optimized to be efficient & significant to reach your target audience and provide you with the best results by creating Event pages, Posts, Videos, Art works and all sorts of Media content all optimized for your own purpose as well as handling your social media account at the time of the event.
We will promote and present your brand in a simple & unique way to reach thousands of gamers through all our platforms and raise awareness to your products & services.
The very first live eSports studio that has its own host and studio analysts providing analysis, interviews and stats.
Providing a solution to all professional gamers to reach their goals and prepare them to compete on an international level.
Creating content based on proposed creative concept and strategy.
Gamers Lounge.

eSports Pioneers